Zeusan Yen has been expressing his nature as an artist since the age of 12. Completely self-taught, this native of the Canton province in Southern China who now lives in British Columbia, Canada, has been greatly influenced by the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt.

His body of work displays a keen awareness of both inner and outer worlds which is manifested through uncommon mastery of the techniques that have been internalized through decades of capturing and sharing vision and insights.

Many of Zeusan's paintings have been purchased by private individuals and corporate entities across Canada. Dr. Yen won the Toronto Arts Competition in 1996 and his winning entry was displayed in the North York Library for a number of months.

Zeusan is now concentrating his efforts in creating original works which are being made available as originals and through limited edition prints. His art falls into categories of Chinese history, wildlife and both landscapes and seascapes.

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