Zeusan Yen was born in China in 1949. At a young age, Zeusan learnt Qi Gong and Kung Fu from his father, who is still strong and healthy at the age of 93. This Eagle style of Qi Gong has been passed down in his family for over 300 years.

Zeusan Yen graduated in 1976 from university with Doctor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Three years later he immigrated to Canada and in 1986 opened his first clinic in Toronto. Ten years later, Dr. Yen moved to BC to teach a 3rd year course in Acupuncture at West Coast College. Later he taught a certificate course in acupunture to registered western doctors. He continued this until 2001 when he opened a new clinic in Kelowna, BC.

Zeusan is now a retired doctor, focusing on teaching Chinese Medical Qi Gong on the Sunshine Coast, BC, and eventually, around the world. He is currently instructing his last class of martial arts while concentrating on his painting career.

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